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Top Priority Contacts, Email as Many as You Can:

  • President, Samuel Stanley:
  • Athletic Director, Allan Haller:,
  • Board of Trustees Chair, Dianne Byrum:
  • Trustee, Melanie Foster:
  • Trustee, Renee Knake Jefferson:
  • Trustee, Brianna T. Scott:
  • Trustee, Kelly Tebay:
  • Board of Trustees Vice Chair, Dan Kelly:
  • Trustee, Pat O'Keefe:
  • Trustee, Rema Vassar:
  • Board of Trustees Office: (517) 353-4647, 426 Auditorium Rd., Room 450, East Lansing, MI 48824

Other members of the Athletic Department:

  • Deputy AD/Sr. Woman’s Admin/Compliance:
  • Exec Assoc AD Ops, Paul Schager:
  • Assoc AD/Student-Athlete Engagement, Elliot Daniels: