As members of the Battle for Spartan Swim and Dive, we will fight until this decision is overturned and these teams are reinstated. To achieve this, we shall take the following actions:

  • Establishing Dialogue We hope to establish dialogue with the Board of Trustees, President, and AD to find out why this decision was actually made. We also hope to get a clear answer on what can be done to reinstate the programs.
  • Generating Public Support The outpour of support on social media has been amazing. Our official accounts are @BattleForSpartanSwimAndDive on Instagram, @BattleForMSU on Twitter, and the group Battle for Spartan Swim and Dive on Facebook. Countless olympians, professional swimmers, and other university sports teams have shown support. Media attention, both locally and nationally will be generated. A campaign to distribute masks with images of The Rock on them has been started.
  • Correcting the Facts Most importantly, our pool is completely compliant with NCAA regulations for existing facilities. We’d also like to set the record straight that our alumni ARE having world-class experiences, as seen in their testimonials found on the MSUSwim YouTube Page
  • Facility Planning Properly exploring PPP funding routes. Additionally, working with ASMSU to push forward with starting an assessed recreation and wellness fee.
  • Fundraising We had hoped to have a fundraising target from the Board of Trustees at this point, but we do not. Pledges are being collected at this time to help make an informed decision on the best path forward. Pledges to NOT donate until reinstatement will also be explored. Pledge Form
  • Legal Action To fight MSU’s noncompliance with Title IX.