Abbey Neveling

Class of 2021

What does the program mean to you?

This program represents many values across the board. It has brought so many people together for the love of competition. Not only does it mean swimming, but this program means family. There is never a time I have felt alone, meaning my teammates, coaches, and alumni, are there supporting me and others at 110%.

Why did you choose MSU?

I chose MSU because of the school/student atmosphere, the team, and opportunity for success that was provided to me.

Biggest life-lesson you are learning/learned from MSU?

My biggest life lesson I have learned was to have perseverance in academics, athletics, and daily actions. In other words, MSU has taught me how to be a successful woman, by putting in the work needed every single day. If you don’t put in the 100% work effort, don’t expect to get 100% results.