Emma Inch

Class of 2023

What does the program mean to you?

This program represents: family, hard work and dedication not only to the sport of swimming but also to your teammates. Although I have always been incredibly swimming-focused, this team has given me a greater purpose and has made me want to perform well for the success of the team as a whole- not just myself. I think a lot of people do not understand the tight-knit community that is MSU Swim & Dive which extends far beyond our time in the pool and our 4 years in East Lansing.

Why did you choose MSU?

I choose MSU because of the team atmosphere. You will not find a program anywhere else in the country that has a more down-to-Earth, friendly, inviting group of kids who truly care and value their teammates like family members- as cliche as that sounds. I also wanted to be apart of a growing program and contribute to something larger than myself/ move up a spot each year at BigTen's.

Biggest life-lesson you are learning/learned from MSU?

"Mudita" as Coach G says. This idea that your team is your family. Yes- you push each other, occasionally battle for a relay spot, and are there to work harder each and every day: but this idea that at the end of your four years you leave with a family as close as your own- is the biggest lesson I am learning and have learned thus far. GO GREEN.