Erica Kunnen (Cutler)

Class of 2014

What does the program mean to you?

I only swam with the team for a year and it has made a lasting impact. From this program, I have made life-long friends. From tough practices, to team events, to volunteering, the swim and dive team has a bond like no other. And not only did the coaches contribute to making you a better swimmer/diver, but a better human being. This team is truly a family. I also was able to watch both of my sisters swim for State. I watched them earn letterman jackets and I watched them finish their senior year at B1Gs with best times. I think it shows something special when you have a team with multiple sets of siblings, or a younger athlete following in an older siblings footsteps.

Why did you choose MSU?

Both the school and the team felt like home. I knew in the event my swimming career ended, that I would be happy at State.

Biggest life-lesson you are learning/learned from MSU?

Never stop setting goals, never stop giving your best.