Stephanie Merkey Slye

Class of 2001

What does the program mean to you?

MSU swimming in many ways, is Michigan State to me. The start of lifetime friendships and of following my passions. MSU Swimming provided a building block for transitioning the grit needed for sport beyond the pool and into academics and then later work.

Why did you choose MSU?

I chose MSU: -To swim wearing green and white. -For the team camaraderie MSU swimming & diving demonstrated -For the opportunity to be a student athlete on team that promoted greatness in academics & sport

Biggest life-lesson you are learning/learned from MSU?

MSU Swimming taught me the values of team, perseverance, determination, hard work, trust & friendship. I have leaned on these experiences as I gained a doctoral degree, and later working in leadership roles in health centers/medical practices & now as an owner of a multidisciplinary health practice.